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"We've been working with Ali for nearly four years and it's been great! Over the years she has enriched our print and online media with a treasure trove of still and moving images. It's wonderful to collaborate with a photographer/videographer who practices yoga and understands how to capture poses and movement. Ali comes to the table with plenty of expertise but is always open to new ideas, which makes each shoot a dynamic, creative experience.  Her skill, intuition, and sensitivity are a powerful combination."


Ali is a gem. From the moment I met her, I felt like she could "see" me and knew how best to tell the story of my work in a creative, authentic, and soulful way. I'm not someone who is inclined to get in front of a camera but she made me feel comfortable, confident, and completely at ease. And it was FUN! I did not expect that! She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I didn't have many ideas of my own as to how I wanted my work conveyed. It felt freeing and supportive to let her do her thing, while still adding my own ideas where I felt like I wanted to. It's really important that the SOUL of my work come through in my photos and video, and Alison is an absolute master at seeing it and conveying it. I'm finding myself dreaming up new video ideas simply so that we can work together again! 

—Nicole Nardonne, Kundalini Yoga Instructor


Ali has a gift for videography that begins to unveil itself in your initial conversations with her.  She communicates for understanding as she gives you the space to share the depths of your true soul.  She then creates a video story that will move you as it captures your essence.  As we all strive in this life for our true authentic voices to be heard, Ali finds a way to capture it in video so it can be shared with the world.  This is a soul gift Ali possesses and you will love working with her calming yet energetic light.  

-Wendy Billie, Yoga Instructor and Shamanic Healer


Ali's ability to tell a story through video is exceptional. She delivered more than what we could have imagined by bringing her unique vision to our project. We highly recommend her!

-Minneapolis Yoga Conference (Amy Patee)