Prana Lens

2017 - California - January Edition

Ali Rogers

In early January I flew out to LA to film a trailer for Public Transformation - a cross country documentary art project highlighting the work of rural based artists and community builders.  Inspired by the results of the election and the divide between urban and rural America, Ashley Hanson (Placebase Productions) set out in a mini school bus to collect stories across the country, from CA to Washington DC; in part, to better understand rural America, but also to learn from creatives who are already bridging gaps in these communities and engaging with neighbors who stand for the other side.  

Bus Photos-11.jpg

As Ashley states in the video, "arists have a unique perspective and set of tools to help push that conversation forward".  Her hope is that this can inform and inspire us to work together for small towns across America in a way that benefits us all.   

Take a peek at the (noisy..) trailer we filmed en route from LA to Arizona!  Gus the Bus is not so quiet when she cruises, so you get the pleasure of feeling like you're there with us...!  For more info and to hear stories collected along the way, visit 

While I was in the area, it only made sense to cruise up to Santa Barbara to spend my 30th by the ocean with friends - and of course, bring the camera out at Rincon!