Prana Lens

2016 - Water Baby Waylon

Ali Rogers

In June, I connected with author Wallace J. Nichols, a fellow water-lover whose work I greatly admire.  Nichols wrote the international best-seller, Blue Mind, which is a scientific exploration of water's powerful impact on our lives in all areas - emotional, spiritual, physical, relational, professional, and more.  He invited me onboard to create some videos for his next book, The Seven Ages of Water, which takes the ideas from Blue Mind and goes even deeper.   I won't spoil it for you, but I did get around to filming a sweet little video of a baby playing in the water in slow motion, for the first of the seven stages of water that Nichols' next book (and fundraising campaign) is based around!  Star of the video, Waylon Rodvold was named after Waylon Jennings, and his mama Emily - of Lift Creative - was the one to help design and bring PranaLens to life four years ago! Special duo for a special intro to a special book about to be written by a special man for a special movement for the most special of elements; WATER.   Enjoy it in all its simplicity!