Prana Lens


Ali Rogers

Waking up in Vista Mar Marina

I got to the boat after midnight on Thursday night - excited about the hot air, smell of saltwater, abundance of stars, and spending my first night being swayed to sleep by the waves.

Rachel was gone for a couple days, so Josh and I chatted a bit before we called it a night, and I awoke the next morning to him making coffee with the bright sun streaming through and the sound of marina radio coming through the walky talky.


Their buddy-boat neighbor, John, came by for coffee a few minutes later, and the three of us spent the next 2-3 hours just hanging and talking up in the cockpit in that morning sunlight. John and his wife said goodbye to their Seattle life and met Josh + Rachel in Mexico. They’ve been inseparable (buddy-boating their way around Mexico and Central America) ever since!

John’s wife Becca was with Rachel, crewing a boat through the Panama canal when I got here. So, Friday was a boys day here at the Marina. The whole cruising community is like family — the neighbor boats are a mixture of families with kids and other couples that all spend time together throughout the day.

The other families (especially the kids) LOVE John + Josh. The young girls gave the guys mohawk haircuts and painted their toenails (with floral designs and all the colors of the rainbow, I might add). Josh is a total kid at heart, so he was playing tag with them on the docks and in the water, too. I joined but was out after a half hour - what used to be a game feels way more like a workout when you’re in your 30s ;)

I spent the next few hours laying around trying to avoid the sun while Josh did a couple little boat projects. At 4pm we went out on John’s boat to fish — or an excuse for a sunset booze cruise…

Everyone here is eager to get back out on open water. Some of these boats have been here for 7 months waiting for new parts or waiting for the winds to change. It’s wild. I can’t imagine how restless that would feel to live on a boat that’s endlessly docked.

We’re just here for a couple more days getting things ready (actually, Josh + Rachel are getting things ready - I’m writing this blog post and doing the hard work of acclimating ;)

We’ll sail ~4 hours to a nearby island for a night or two, then onto another nearby island. We’ll potentially head up the Darien River for a week to visit some tribes and see monkeys, crocodiles, and other jungle creatures after that. I hear this is a unique opportunity, especially via sailboat. To be honest, I’m not all that excited about it - I’m more eager to get out onto the big blue and head to the South Pacific, but either way will be great. It’s absurd to be deciding between such amazing options… still pinching myself!

Here’s a little random collage of clips from Day One — in no way a complete story, just some highlights from random pockets of the day!


2017 - Bali Women's Retreat

Ali Rogers

The first video consists of beauitufl imagery from a morning spent at Tirta Empul - known to be the most sacred place in all of Bali, where many go to bathe in ritual purification. The second video was created for Jessa Walters’ Annual Women’s Retreat in Ubud. The third video was just for fun from the following week when I headed down to Uluwatu to soak in the surf culture... MUCH more to come with photos, stories, etc.! … but for now, enjoy!

2017 - California - January Edition

Ali Rogers

In early January I flew out to LA to film a trailer for Public Transformation - a cross country documentary art project highlighting the work of rural based artists and community builders.  Inspired by the results of the election and the divide between urban and rural America, Ashley Hanson (Placebase Productions) set out in a mini school bus to collect stories across the country, from CA to Washington DC; in part, to better understand rural America, but also to learn from creatives who are already bridging gaps in these communities and engaging with neighbors who stand for the other side.  

Bus Photos-11.jpg

As Ashley states in the video, "arists have a unique perspective and set of tools to help push that conversation forward".  Her hope is that this can inform and inspire us to work together for small towns across America in a way that benefits us all.   

Take a peek at the (noisy..) trailer we filmed en route from LA to Arizona!  Gus the Bus is not so quiet when she cruises, so you get the pleasure of feeling like you're there with us...!  For more info and to hear stories collected along the way, visit 

While I was in the area, it only made sense to cruise up to Santa Barbara to spend my 30th by the ocean with friends - and of course, bring the camera out at Rincon!


2016 - Water Baby Waylon

Ali Rogers

In June, I connected with author Wallace J. Nichols, a fellow water-lover whose work I greatly admire.  Nichols wrote the international best-seller, Blue Mind, which is a scientific exploration of water's powerful impact on our lives in all areas - emotional, spiritual, physical, relational, professional, and more.  He invited me onboard to create some videos for his next book, The Seven Ages of Water, which takes the ideas from Blue Mind and goes even deeper.   I won't spoil it for you, but I did get around to filming a sweet little video of a baby playing in the water in slow motion, for the first of the seven stages of water that Nichols' next book (and fundraising campaign) is based around!  Star of the video, Waylon Rodvold was named after Waylon Jennings, and his mama Emily - of Lift Creative - was the one to help design and bring PranaLens to life four years ago! Special duo for a special intro to a special book about to be written by a special man for a special movement for the most special of elements; WATER.   Enjoy it in all its simplicity!