Prana Lens

Reverent Waters

Ali Rogers

A passion project to recap 2016. 

I have a reverence for the ocean and vast landscapes. This is no surprise to anyone who comes across my work!  It taps into something deep and pranic that I don't have words for, but these guys [in video below] did a pretty good job of putting language to it. 

Immense gratitude to Rob Bell, Kia Miller (Radiant Body Yoga), Cameron Brown (My Wave Addiction), and Brian Laidlaw for taking the time to sit down with me and share your thoughts on these topics. Here's to a new year ahead where, in spite of the moron who is stepping into office, we will honor and fight for the wild places that we love more than ever.  Let'sencourage and remind each other of the essential role nature plays in our lives - even on its fierce days!