Prana Lens



5 female surfers.

One female writer.

One female photographer/producer

One female filmmaker/producer

One male-dominated peninsula 


Surf films out there range from graceful beauty to adrenaline-pumping action, and everywhere in-between - hooking you in and mesmerizing you with wave-porn and sun-kissed skin. 


We like that, too -  but we want to show you something different. 


We want to show you how feminine & masculine are both crucial elements in this incredible sport, and how the feminine power and presence is often overlooked and underrepresented.  We want to inspire that to change, by inspiring individual women through the eyes of women just like them, embarking on a surf trip expedition to the Baja -  just their badass selves.  


We want to show you what feminine strength looks like in this incredible sport, and it might not always look like the strength you’re used to seeing.  


Anyone that has spent anytime in the ocean knows the she’s a powerful force that can annihilate anyone who's ego or brute force gets the best of them.  


Yet her force has a feminine nature to it.  There are no hard lines or sharp edges to an ocean or her waves.  It flows smooth and circular.  Her momentum is pure power & force, but comes through a graceful lens, in continuous cyclical movement.  Perhaps this is what draws us all to watch a skilled surfer ride waves for hours on end.  Strength, power, and fine-tuned technique meet grace, power, and flow. (that’s super cheesy but you get the idea).   The dichotomy between the masculine + feminine is at play before our very eyes in the surf world.  Both need to be there, both create the invaluable experience that is surfing.  Yet somehow, women aren’t showing up on their own as often. 


How can we start to get more strong women out into the waters that are her home? 

We can show stories from the perspective of strong female surfers setting out to destinations that are male-dominated.


Filmmaker Ali Rogers of PranaLens doesn’t play at the surface, but rather dives straight to the depth in a way that we all can relate to, surfer or not: the story underneath the story, the pulse of being human in the natural world.  Ali brings a raw, casual authenticity to her documentary-lifestyle storytelling.  In our film, we will be capturing the whole experience from the moment these women meet in San Diego and hop in their trucks, all the way to the end, showing what women are capable of when shit hits the fan, when challenges arise, when there’s joy to be soaked in, when there’s reverence and awe to be expressed.  Meeting challenges might require softening, strength, or both - and we’ll see how they take it on in their womanly surfer way(s)! 


Women are givers and game-changers.  The 5 surfers on the trip are all leading forces in humanitarian and environmental organizations and causes, bringing opportunity - and surf! - to women around the world.  (is that accurate? someone else is probably better at this part).


We want to inspire both the adventurous - and intimidated - women out there to harness their strength (the same strength that they share with our beloved ocean).   Through the example of our 5 female surfers setting out on this expedition and telling stories of the work they’re doing in the world, our hope is that women will be inspired by seeing women just like them getting after it — and men will continue to broaden their expectations and respect for the women that are sharing the waves with them, regardless of how hard they might seem to be shredding/ripping.  The strength that women bring to the waters is a different kind of strength.  It’s the kind of strength that set the world in motion and from which everything flows.  



*** Not sure if/where to include this:

The surf experience that many fall in love with - and can’t quite put words to - is the effect of being in sync and in the flow of this powerful body of water that we share so much in common with. 

The salt to water ratio of the ocean is the same as that of a mother’s womb.