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Photo by Josh + Rachel (@ voyagesofagape )

Photo by Josh + Rachel (@voyagesofagape)

Photo by Josh + Rachel (@ voyagesofagape )

Photo by Josh + Rachel (@voyagesofagape)


Rachel + Josh,

the adventurous hearts behind VOYAGEs OF AGAPE,

… invited me to join them on a journey to the South Pacific, by way of the Galapagos! They’ve already been living on their boat, aptly named Agapé, the past two years, spending time in beautiful places along the coast of CA and Central America - building community along the way with other cruisers. February will be the first time they cross the deep blue for distant lands. Agapé is made for long journeys like this — she’s a 1984 Tayana Vancouver 42' for those who know sailboats. I do not, but I’m excited to learn! I fly to Panama on Jan.24th and we’ll do a couple day trips before we set off for the Galapagos! It’s a 7-10 day passage to get to the Galapagos, so I’ll be an expert sailor by the time we get there, right? ;) We’ll explore ialnds in the Galapagos and then from there it’s a 2 week passage to Easter Island - or a 3 week passage to Gambier. Depending on timing, I may or may not join for that leg and the ones to follow, but we shall see!

The timing of all of this couldn’t be more ridiculous and perfect all at the same time.

I JUST furnished a guesthouse and started paying more in rent and expenses than I ever have in my life. I JUST started making connections and putting things in motion in CA ... and yet, I have a blank canvas.

While I could name a dozen reasons not to go, the child-like, artistic, water-loving, adventurous spirit in me said, “how could you not?!”

We’re here and then we’re gone: follow the YES’s while you can. Pay attention to what lights you up… and does this ever.

I love that Rachel and Josh are opening up their home and their adventure. They’re not asking or expecting anything of me in terms of video + photo. Rachel is a photographer, as you’ll see if you visit their website. I will capture + create of course, but they want me to come along because who I am and what I’m passionate about is so in alignment with how they’re living, where they’re going, and who they want to surround themselves with. So, in case you need to hear this today…

You don’t always have to provide/do/create/deliver to be worthy of what you dream of. Who you are being is enough to lead you to your wildest desires… and then who knows what will come from you and what will come out of THAT.

YOU MIGHT NOT know this about me

but I spent the majority of my early twenties living and traveling in Madagascar, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Hawaii. The islands and I have a history. I grew up speaking French and did my senior thesis project on 18th century French explorers’ accounts of their journeys through the South Pacific — specifically how their rhetoric regarding the local women has carried into present-day tourism advertising. Funnily enough, it was exactly (and I mean exactly, to the week) 10 years ago that I set off to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora to document what I had spent that year researching — which also turned into my first photo gallery. I moved to New Zealand later that year and it immediately felt like home. Leaving that island was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!

This opportunity to sail with Josh + Rachel feels all too familiar and resonant with the adventures and experiences I sought out a decade ago when life was a blank canvas - and that are very much still a part of me.


I don’t know whether I will go for a month or two, but what I do know is that I intend to capture and create like crazy - and I want to share it with you.

Next update will probably be in mid February. The best place to stay up to date in the interim is instagram (@pranalens) but the algorithms don’t work in favor of the little guys, so you may need to make a comment or two on a recent post in order for instagram to get the hint that you want to see my posts in the future!


PHOTO BY Josh + Rachel (@ moore_rachel  and @ bylandandsea )

PHOTO BY Josh + Rachel (@moore_rachel and @bylandandsea)

PHOTO BY JOSH + RACHEL (@moore_rachel and @bylandandsea)

PHOTO BY JOSH + RACHEL (@moore_rachel and @bylandandsea)