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a little recap of 2018

… SO grateful for an amazing year!



In January, I was in Santa Cruz + Monterey, CA, participating in a week-long workshop and presenting some of my creative work on stage with Wallace Nichols, author of the book “Blue Mind”. Super inspiring group of water-lovers from various backgrounds and industries!

Then, I road-tripped down the coast and spent time in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.


In February, I did a yurt-to-yurt ski trip in the Boundary Waters area with a good friend. Then, joined the Bahnemanns on a Disney Cruise trip to the Bahamas. I think I had more fun than anyone else, and I’m not embarrassed about it.

In March I went to a surf camp in Costa Rica, just north of the Panama border. I’m still a terrible surfer and I’m still terrified of waves, but I took a LOT of photos.


From April—October I primarily lived and breathed (amazing) weddings! I snuck in one trip up to the North Shore to hike, paddle, and camp on my favorite lake just west of Grand Marais in July. Nothing nourishes me more than camping and floating on the water in the wilderness. I read the book The Artists’ Way on that trip and it was a life-changing experience - highly recommend!

Midway through the summer I had to move out of my apartment, creating a bit of an urgency to decide where do I want to live? — and for anyone who’s known me for more than a minute, you know that that question brought to the surface more than just a map of Minneapolis. After a little bit of “woo-woo” intention-setting magic, I ended up in conversation with an ultra-athlete/wellness-advocate/author/podcast-host (based in Malibu, CA) that I had been following. A couple months later, I flew out to Malibu to test the waters on a potential opportunity that I was very excited about ….


I rented a room in a cabin by Malibou Lake and loved having Malibu Creek State Park (and all its amazing trails) right in my backyard - not to mention a LAKE. Two weeks in, I got evacuated due to the wildfires and my neighborhood burned to ash and rubble (see photos below). I spent the next few weeks living with a generous family in the Pacific Palisades and eventually found a new place of my own.

Work-wise, I dove in head-first with Rich Roll (the plantbased athlete/author) the day I got to CA and was his sidekick assistant almost immediately. I was taking photos of him and his podcast guests, jumping into the workflow, helping out with email + team organization/communication, etc. It was exciting and I loved being so involved, but a few weeks in we realized it wasn’t going to be the right fit for me in the long run. I was (am) sad that it didn’t work out, but at the end of the day I’m a creative and it was primarily an assistant/admin role that would have limited me in what I want to continue to do/create/be in the world, in more ways than one. .. but on the bright side, it propelled me to take a leap of faith and got me out to CA with some direction + momentum.

I could share so much more about November (just ask!)… but here are some photos from that month:

and here’s a video I put together on my flight home at the end of November

It pretty well sums up how I felt: a lot of rubble and a lot of potential.


Even though nothing looked like it did at the beginning of November, I still wanted to ride the momentum of this CA adventure, so I made a quick decision to empty my storage unit in MN and drive back out west to give CA a go on my own terms! ….for now, at least.

** I am still planning on flying back to MN often for work projects, weddings, events/friendship, and more — so please keep me in your loop! **

Who knows if it will be short or long term, but it wouldn’t be a growth opportunity if there wasn’t at least a bit of fear and unknown, right?

There’s a lot to miss about Minneapolis, but I LOVE the lack of winter and the beauty around me. I’m awestruck by the vistas every time I get in my car to drive anywhere. I’m living on a windy mountain road just a canyon or two west of LA, in Calabasas. I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere (and it takes forever to get anywhere), but LA is only a few miles (aka 30 minutes, minimum) away.

Here are some photos of my studio, which is the ‘backhouse’ on a family’s property:



Stay tuned! A few people have requested a blog or email updates — let me know if that’s something you’d want to read?!